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Default My bad luck continues -

With the boat this time. Last May, before the get together at Dale Hollow, I spent 4 days on the Potomac with another group of guys before leaving there and heading to Tennessee. On that Thursday (5/5) while fishing an outgoing tide in Chixamixon Cr. I got hung up when exiting an area where we fished a couple docks. The water was a bit muddy and there was a good bit of grass so I didn't see it, I just heard it and stopped moving forward - on the trolling motor.

So, we tried getting off with the troller, but we just spun in a circle. Next tried the push pole, rocking the boat, changing the weight distribution by us moving forward and to the side to shift the boat with our body weight. No success and with the tide falling I had to get off whatever it was that had me well hung (shameless pun) so I fire up the Yammie. Bottom line, yep the Yammie did the job. We heard a bit of scraping noise from under the boat and after a little hesitation we were free.

At days end while wiping down the boat I looked under, didn't notice anything and pretty much stopped worring that I hurt the boat. Friday we fished our Potomac event, Saturday we stuck around and fished all day then Sunday on to Dale Hollow. That week the boat was in the water for seven days.

Ok, I gotta end this novella - fast forward to this past Saturday, we fished Fri & Sat on the Potomac and got off the water due to impending storm. Severe thunderstorms, with a tornado warning were up so I got under the boat to pull the drain plug so the hull wouldn't be full of water Sunday morning. This is what I saw............

Under the transom - right under the drain plug, two chips in the gel coat

But it gets worse - it wouldn't be me if it didn't, right? Rear of the pad, these are through to the glass mat.

Further forward, along one of the strakes of the pad, also through to the glass mat.

Ok, I won't draw this out because I think you're getting the idea. This is just about four feet of the right edge of the center pad.

Ok, enough ugly pictures. So I believe I am surely screwed with this one. It's been 4 months since this occured and I have no idea what my insurance company will say, if in fact it would have been covered if I had reported it right away. But I called them, and I have to say I am greatly impressed with the fact it will be covered, they set me up with a local shop (waiting to hear when I am to take it in) and were very pleasant and extremely helpful in answering my questions and getting the claim processed. Who are these wonderful people? PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. I only have coverage on my boat with them, and I got excellent treatment. My other insurance is through a local broker that I've dealt with for thirty years and I won't break that relationship - but if this all finishes up as well as it has started, Progressive is a pretty good company to deal with. Oh, just like car insurance I have a $500 deductible to pay, but I'm getting accustomed to writing $500 checks over the last couple of months - AND NO I DON'T NEED ANY VOLUNTEERS FOR ME TO PRACTICE WRITING MORE $500 CHECKS!!!

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All of those chips and scapes are fixable.. But if left to freeze over the winter you may see some delamination. Get it to a good enclosed hot glass shop.

Capt Mike
Capt Mike Starrett light tackle guide Potomac River
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Got ya! I am glad I found this BEFORE winter gets here. Good thing I took the boat last weekend or it may not have been discovered.
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well it least most of it is covered sorry to hear about boat it could have been a lot worst you could have had to swim back to boat ramp
the only easy day was yesterday
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that happened once to me... but mine left an inch wide gash THROUGH the hull about 2 ft long. apparently i fixed it good enough, cause its been 2 years ago
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dang bruce...sounds oyu and i are having the same kind of year. different things on our boats and vehicles...but man i completly understand. if things keep going as they are for me....i am sitting out the rest of the year. MAY not even come out in the spring.
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Once you get the repairs done and IF they don't buff your off white hull back to WHITE - go to the Dollar Store & get a bottle of "THE WORKS". It'll instantly make your boat look like new. It's a tub & tile cleaner. Do not buy the toilet bowl cleaner. Apply with a sponge or old dish towel. Rinse off with hose. You'll be amazed of the ease & results.

I feel your pain. I had something similar happen fishing a channel & came to rest on top of metal posts while on the move with the trolling motor. I contacted a Ranger factory authorized repair facility in Frankfort KY, brought it in for repair....they sent me pics of the OTHER damage that was hidden under the bunks while the boat was sitting on the trailer. That's been 5 years ago. The hull is probably due another makeover. LOL
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Ouch - glad tour insurance is gonna help less the deductible.
Fish now, work later
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Heard from my insurance company - FINALLY - it's been two weeks waiting for them to get the estimate done and repair approved. Damage was $2600.00. Boat "should be ready" by end of next week. I get a lifetime guarantee on the hull repair, so I guess I have to be happy with that.
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Originally Posted by bassboogieman View Post
I get a lifetime guarantee on the hull repair, so I guess I have to be happy with that.
This is weird, Bruce. The "damage" for my dentist bill was also about $2,600. Watch out for the paint on your don't want a matching $600 bill....
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.
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It's been a heck of a year for ya Bruce. It looks as though, if you stop driving and stop boating, things will be ok? Seriously though, glad Progressive took care of you and your boat. I didn't know what to think about that company. Apparently, they are pretty good, with boats anyways. I'm glad your having it fixed soon. Be sure to post photos of the repairs.
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