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Default Leak But Where?

Recently purchased small (16 FT ) Fiberglasss Bass Boat With 85Hp Outboard.Boat ran out perfect,on test In water approx 20 minutes.On first outing fished and kept boat in water 6 hours.When pulled out plug,TOO much water from plug hole.No live well turned on and plug was in it.Second outing 1to1half hours turn on bilge 10 minutes water on right side hole coming out.No Transom issues,took off a lot of panels,no loose hose's that I could see.Boat has two bilges,one for hull and one for live well.No banking isssues like waterlogged stingers,just too much water comming in,but from WHERE
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pro reel
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Several possibilities. The first thing that comes to mind is livewell plumbing. Even if the well is not running and has a plug in it, with most boats, the plumbing going to the well can still get water in it. Does your boat have a open plug hole were water is pumped into and out of the well, or does it have a cap over it that has slots in it. Many will have a cap that has slots to keep from sucking in leaves and crap. You might try taking that off and plugging the hole right there. If you can do that, you will see if that where it's coming from. Any hole big enough to let that much water in should be big enough to see by crawling under the boat, unless a trailer bunk is covering it. Try jacking the boat up some with a floor jack and a block of wood so you can inspect the area hidden by the bunk boards. The last guess would be that it's just water coming over the back when you slow to a stop. It only takes a little to add up to a lot there. When I first started using our bullet boat, I didn't realize how much water could sweep over the back when we came to a fast stop off plane. We had to adjust the way we slowed down to stop that. We have to slow down easy and then goose it just a bit right before the wave sweeps over the back.
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one way to tell is to make sure boat is level on dry ground fill boat with several inches of water enough to cover entire bottom of boat let sit and look for wet spots under boat thats how i found mine
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Every fitting that goes thru the boat like for livewells,every hose from livewell even off the outgoing if it has a hole in it leaks in,bottom of boat look for a rub mark where beached.
And other than that like he said place couple of inches of water in it,then look for drip.
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Default Checking Out leak information

Thank you guys for taking time to give me your imput on the water leak.I had a idea that the live well could be the culprit,so that will be on the priority list.Thanks again for your suggestions.I will keep you informed on what I discover.Kcan 54
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I had a similar problem with my boat and it is also similar to yours with an 85 horse outboard. I spent hours looking for that leak and found a hairline crack in my front livewell just under the plug which was allowing water to get into the bilge because i would leave the plug out and the livewell would partially fill sitting in the water since its under the water line. Epoxy took care of it.
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