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Old 06-05-12, 10:52 AM   #1
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Default What's wrong with me?

OK, understand that right now I don't have any money to buy a boat. I have had in the past and I didn't do it. Not now though. I will most likely buy used unless I ran upon a hell of a deal on a new one.

But, I still like to look. And dream. For the longest time I had my sights set on a Bass Cat. Not sure which model yet but with the price of gas and all, I was thinking probably one of the 19 footers. And you'd think that with wanting one of those I wouldn't have any desire for anything else, but you'd be wrong. For some reason, there is just something about a Stratos or a ProCraft that when I see them, makes my heart go pitter patter real fast. I know that they are fine boats, but I don't think anyone puts them in the same class as a Bass Cat. They have a look that's just as cool as a BC, but I just can't believe that all the creature comforts, comfortable ride and ability to stay dry would be the same. (I could be wrong though. I've never ridden in any of the 3.)

Then, there's the aluminum element. I've now about decided that I will limit myself to an aluminum boat simply because they are lighter, smaller engines (less fuel), very tough and cheaper to buy. I ran across the Triton 197 Magnum and fell in love with that! I even saw a RED one coming back from the lake the other night and it looks like a fabulous rig. Everything I need right there.

So, what's wong with me? How can I make up my mind and set a plan in motion to obtain what I want when I can't make up my mind what I want? Are bass boats like women in that just when you think you've found the one and only one for you, another walks by and you're on the prowl again? It's driving me crazy!!! (BTW, I'm not on the prowl for another woman. I made my choice and I'm happy to say I chose right in that department!! EDIT: But I still like to look!!! )
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Well Mike there's nothing wrong with you at all. Especially since you're just dreaming and it's all hypothetical anyway. Now if you had the cash on hand or the payment in your budget and still couldn't pull the trigger........................................... ..?
Sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.
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Im younger only 27, but i was in the same boat(no pun intended) you were. I waited for 2 years looking at boat after boat before i finally found the one that i love. I bought used because well it was my first boat and i really couldnt justify destroying a new boat. I purchased a 1989 all aluminum deep v Lowe bass boat. Its 18 foot not alot of storage but it gets great milege and i couldnt be happier i have 25 hp johnson that i absolutley love for the simple fact i can run for about 2 weeks on 40 dollars worth of fuel. In my mind the problem for you is the simple want and not ready to buy thing . What i mean by that is your mind races because your not ready to buy just yet so its a boy can dream kind of thing. There is nothing wrong with that in my mind.
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Old 06-06-12, 10:49 AM   #4
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Well it's not that I really think there's something wrong with me. It's just the constant back and forth of trying to decide on something that can't be acted on right now. Now that the wife is going back to work in a couple of months I may be able to do something early-mid next year.

It's just frustrating.
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Mike it's called "boat-itus".... We all have it. I have a 17 1/2 Triton and what I wouldn't do for a 19' - 20' boat! But I have a small tow vehicle and limited parking space for the current rig. Would I love to scoot accross the water at 70 mph (heck YEAH!!), but I'll stick to 40 and good fuel consumption and a boat I can tow. But I still dream about it!
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Old 06-06-12, 11:21 PM   #6
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basscats are a great boat, and they last. if you are interested in a used basscat, one of the best places to look is on basscats's owners board used boats. i found a 92 p2 with a 96 200hp mariner for 5500 back in the spring. i do not know what your price range is, but if you keep looking you will find one. one of the reasons that used cats are somewhat hard to find is that they last and lots of owners just keep using them and never trade.

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Old 06-07-12, 05:39 AM   #7
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Put together a game plan with realistic objectives and goals. I stared out with a canoe, then a 10' jon boat. After a while I purchased an aluminum bass boat. Used it for 14 years before trading it in on the fiberglass boat I wanted. Sometimes you have to put other things first and work with what you can afford. Hope you start fishing from a boat soon.

Plan your work, work your plan.
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Currently have two bassboats in the yard at times ive had three,still water at the mouth over one every so often.For as little as 3-5 k can find a dependable bass boat,older but in decent shape with anything from a 115 to a 150 hp on it.
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