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Default My Walleye Tourny buddies ALL have these

Now I know most of you anglers fish inland waters (lakes, ponds, etc.), non-current BOW.

But for River Anglers, here's a MUST HAVE!
Great for 'high wave' windy days on open water too. that's pronounced GeeePass.

They are FLAT out amazing and I can't figure out the 'science' behind them but they WORK.
Watch the videos at site, especially the bottom one.
And read the testimonials.

So, anyone hear of these or use these.
They are made out of Tinley, Il. just outside of Chicago so US Yankees probably aren't sharing this with you Southern Boys.

If you fish spring waters in the rivers...this is a must have. For the Walleye Pros this is like a Power Pole for Bass Pros.
Difference, you can hide a GPAS easier than a Power Pole.
Hence very few hear about it..Similar to the 'hydrowave', they're in almost ALL tourney boats now but you don't hear about them.
That angler who brought attention to the Alamama Rig had a hydro in and ON while he fished that whole tournament. Yet all you heard about was an Alamama rig, hmmmmm.

Every boat has one!

Anyway thought I'd let you Bassers know about them.
Would of shared sooner cause they aren't NEW but like I said, figured most of you avoided river fishing or at least prefer inland BOW.

Feedback welcomed.
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."

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It's just a shock absorber, Joe. Nothing fancy. Since a rope doesn't exert any force on what it's tied to until the instant it becomes taut, the boat is allowed to build up momentum. This can make the force pulling on the anchor huge. By putting a shock absorber on it, the momentum is spread out, lowering the maximum force on the anchor.

If I used a hard anchor very often, I'd get one for sure.
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.
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Thats what I was thinking too but why isn't there more companies macking even something similar. I know a LOT of Mississippi river anglers and I know of no one 'jimmy rigging' their own.

Fiqured there had to be something 'patentable' some where or every anchor dealer around would be selling something similar.

Thanks Bryce for the help.
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."
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These work well when used on a line dragging a drift sock as well as a stationary anchor. Besides increasing boat comfort it will also decrease necessary anchor weight and anchor rope length. I have a double unit that allows me to tie off at two points on my boat which helps reduce boat swing in the wind.

Mine was manufactured by a MN couple as a secondary cottage business that they have since discontinued. I'm glad someone picked the idea up and ran with it... hope they gave the MN couple their due.

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