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Default Ky lake 5/19/14

I havnt been doing welllately with many keepers coming unbuttoned,broke the jinx today.Friend of mine Steve Huber asked to go out and prefish as hes having a T in a couple of weeks,he has had trouble getting keepers to bite.
So to the task at hand turned on my 1197 and studied some new water,7-8 min after launch we were at the new spot an island in west sandy,wind was howling,nothing on the leewardside but on the point in 3 ft breakers we got into fish.

Then a change in venue got off the mainand into a bay and also an island,nothing on windward side,leeward side however produced.

Then trolling motor trouble,did I mention the wind was 25-30 gusting to lord knows what anyway 2hrs on the water between us 10pds in 4 keepers.Needless to say both spots are waypoints in my 1197 now.
Spinnerbait 1/2 oz blue herring,and a junebug colored superfluke.
Ps all fish pulled out on leeward side and photos taken,I couldnt get off the troller on the wind side long enough to take a pic.
Ride back in 4 fters took a tad longer but not to bad for an ol stratos deep v.

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Why does the trolling motor always go out on windy days? LOL Nice looking fish though!
Just one more cast, and then some!
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