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Default Down monkey down

Alabama Rig Rod - VEXAN Bama-C-7'6" XH rated 1-4 oz

Wanted something to toss large swimbaits and or alabama rigs
First thought broom handle but its tip really does move and load nicely,must admit will have to get used to larger swimbaits but with this can toss up to 9 in ones.Right around 59 delivered,bright green,not as light as the flippin stick from same US company,also a tad longer.Can double for a striper musky rod lol.Mated with an ABU silver max rebuilt at 36 delivered,and 30lb green braid china 6 bucks,I am on a budget.

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There you go ... just looking for ways to spend money!!
I will go to my grave without ever casting an umbrella rig. Yeah, it might catch more fish, but so would a cast net, and I won't use one of those for bass, either.
Sorry, don't mean to rain on your monkey parade, just my two cents on U-rigs.
Good luck finding a comfortably light rod that'll cast a big swim-bait accurately. I use a 7 foot pitching rod. it works well, but gains weight as the day passes. I get about half a day, if that's all I am throwing, then my wrists won't take any more.
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I have three a rigs seldom use them,bought it to mainly toss large single swimbaits mainly hard 6-8 in ones.Did place a reel on it that I already had as has 60lb braid on it,the thought of a wiper swimming off with a 40 dollar bait came to mind.
Doubt if Ill toss one all day long 2-4 oz baits ,be just for when surface busting.Get its first carry tomorrow as have a 2 day T and doubt if I see any busting,but will toss it a few times just to get the feel.
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I am kinda like that with chatter baits. Maybe not to the point where I go to my grave. More like I am not buying one.

Capt Mike
Capt Mike Starrett light tackle guide Potomac River
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I wonder . . . How about 5 chatterbaits on an Alabama rig . . . Talk about shake, rattle and roll. The vibration would probably shake the tip right off the rod.
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