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Default Road Trip 2016

A 12 hour drive down to Huntsville AL. and we check into our hotel in the Huntsville airport.. kinda odd to have a hotel inside an airport but it was free and free is always the best price.
Sunday we arrive at Waterfront Store in Guntersville AL 2 hours early and the morning fog is whisping off the lake.

We are fishing with Derik Remitz Bass Elite series Rookie of the year and he shows us why he is a pro. This is old style of guiding where the guide fishes hard from the front of the boat. Not a big fan of that old style, but that is the norm here on Guntersville.

Gorgeous lake with tons of grass. We used buzz baits from Boogerman .. nice bait.

Capt Dave gets a nice one.

It is a run and gun method that works.

I got one somewhere in that grass.

We get a bunch more on buzz baits and spooks but did not get many shots of them.
Monday we drive down to Houma LA
Tuesday Capt Marty Authement picks us up at the hotel and we head down to the ramp. Once we get into the marsh we are greeted by porpoise and they follow the boat around.

Capt Dave lands one nice red that refused my bait twice.

We catch and land 7 more with two being under the slot. As we head back in I snapped a shot of the huge flood gates but they are hard to see.

Wednesday we head out from a different ramp.

This ramp has a flood gates that are 6 times bigger than the other ramp. Fish camps dot the marsh and so do the shrimp dipping docks. But this has got to be the oddest one we saw. It is a barge converted to a house boat and raised up on pilings.

We get doubles and one the greatest fish fight's ever, with one going one way and the other peeling line off Capt Dave’s reel and his went way up a gut where the line was being pulled across the tops of the marsh grasses.. fish was out of sight.

I picked up rat red on a red fish magic with the purplest tail I have ever seen.
Picture does not do it justice.

Pelicans around every corner..

Capt Dave scores again.

We end up with 4 keepers and two under the slot.
Thursday we knew it was going to tough with extra wind and water that was not going out. In fact it is being blown in and was higher than the last two days. We searched and searched and I lost two blind casting and when I had a shot at a fish it came unbuttoned. Capt Dave put two in the cooler and I only landed a rat red again. Then this fish comes around the corner of a marsh island and at first I thought porpoise. No it was huge red and Capt Dave make's a perfect cast and the big red followed and ate.

Shortly after that I spotted a big black drum. I made 21 casts to the lumbering giant and he ate. FISH ON>>>
Capt Marty was playing with net while I fought the big fish.

As we headed back a big rain cloud was building over top of us.

Friday we headed back to Huntsville AL to stay at the airport hotel for free.
Arrived a bit late as we stopped many times to stretch and eat. Bit worn out from three days of hard fishing.
Saturday back at Waterfront Store to meet Derick Remitz again with a plan to catch a Kentucky spot bass. We hit all the normal spots for spots and used all the normal baits but perhaps it was not in the cards. So we settled into a huge school smallish bass and landed about 35 with biggest 3 pounds. We left that area to check another spot place and Capt Dave lands a small one on a shakey head. Decided to head back to that huge school after a 40 minute rest and first cast I land a nice spot on a swim jig.
Caught another 5 or so and tried two three more spots and caught a few smallish ones. Beat from the casting all day we headed back to the hotel for drinks and sleep.
It was a great trip as type this report on the way home.
Capt Mike
Capt Dave
Capt Mike Starrett light tackle guide Potomac River
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Sounds like you had a great trip
the only easy day was yesterday
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Great report, fantastic pictures of nice fish.

But I think, "a barge converted to a house boat and raised up on pilings" ... Maybe an "Ark"? If the waters rise far enough, it'll be time to gather the animals, 2 by 2?
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