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Question Need some advice on this boat...

Hey guys, I don't post very often, but I'd really like your advice on this boat. Mostly, what red flags do you guys see? I've been saving up all year so I could buy me a new HDS8 with structure scan, but this would open up a whole new avenue of places to explore. I wanted something that would go where my big boat can't and have better range then my Bass Hunter with a trolling motor.

He said I could take it to my mechanic for tests and seems pretty confident in his boat.
So what say you? New electronics or new frontiers?
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You'll want to ditch the mid-mount troller and get a good Foot controlled...$3-4-500. Is hull welded or riveted? He admits beating the hull up pretty bad...look under there for patches/JB weld etc. Is the boat 5 yrs old or 15? If you keep that anchor winch you'll need to move it, same with the "temporary" sonar mount. Probably would benefit from at least a front casting platform. Looks like a good enough platform, depending on the issues mentioned I'd say you should be all in at $2G or so
Sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.
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Yup anchor useless in front cause damage as well ditch its not a deep water boat,needs stronger troller better either hand or foot.If you want to duck hunt in thin water yes good boat,just fish ok.No mention of livewell or pumps and has accessory plug in for bilge pump meaning there isnt any,and hooked up jury rigged exposed with wire running from back to front across seats even.No mention of what year on motor,camo paint on it somewhat hides its age.
New seats carpet etc its something he bought for about 1k put 500 in it and now wants to make money.
My take 1500 on value and that is if bottom is ok and does not leak.
Is no title a problem there if so pass.
The new stuff other than the seats are entry level or useless like the anchor,depth finder cheap,troller cheap,just put together cheap.The nice thing is the seats and deck that can pop out with new carpet.
At that figure 1500,you can afford to replace if he gripes let him keep that new troller and new depth finder,they are in fact just something one loses if they go with the boat when simple cheap models.
If you get them dont want place in yard sale.30 lb thrust will move it yet not enough when a storm rolls in when amidship at that.And no one but noobs and toons and cruiser owners buy those anchors on a winch arm hanging over,most of which regret it.
Think about it in less than three ft waves you anchor it with that low freeboard you sank it,for shallow backwater and skinnydipping a good boat.
I took a ride one day in one on ky lake it was calm 1 -1 1/2 fters still came within inches on the sides of coming in.We still had a nice time after the nervousness left and did catch fish.

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Talked to the guy last night. He didn't seem to know a whole bunch about the boat itself. Didn't even know what a draft was. He bought it in June, took his kids out a couple of times and wants to move to a center console. Boat and motor are both 88-89. Motor is a pull start, which I kinda don't like, but it's not a deal breaker. Yes, the anchor system would be leaving immediately, rather mount a better foot controlled troller up there. And good point Kenneth, about looking up under it for patches. He did mention he screwed the boards into the ribs of the boat. I thought putting any holes in the ribs was a no no? Doesn't that weaken the structural integrity of the rib itself? Anyways, I was going to go have a look at it in about 2 weeks, it's the earliest we can find time for.
Thanks for the input guys, I really do appreciate it. Thinking I should stick with the plan and just get the HDS8 system I'd been saving for.
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