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Default Last Outdoor show.....

Finished up the season with a two day show that's run by a high school club (and a lot of adult help). I've been doing this show for a bunch of years and have gotten to know a bunch of other vendors over the years. FOM usually has a booth and one of the members had a rod and reel that he was trying to sell. He showed me an old left handed model Shimano Curado 201 that looked like it was brand new out of the package and it was on a 6'+ KVD Tour rod (not the new version). Me: How much??? Him: $150 for both. Me: What if I only want the reel? Him: Yeah he'd separate them. Me: How much??? Him: I'm thinking $70. Me: I'll give you $60? Him: Maybe, I'll have to think about it......

So I made the offer on Sat. And his son is dying that he's thinking about selling it and not giving it to him.

So it's now late Sun and reel/rod combo hasn't sold. I did really well on Sat but left most of my cash at home. I figured I'd make enough on Sun to buy it at $60 or $70. Well the show didn't do as well as I thought. I wander over and ask if he's considered the offer. He's set on $70 and unfortunately I didn't have $70 on me. I barely had the $60 to cover what I offered.

So what do I see in the booth next to his? Another reel for sale by another vendor who I've gotten to know over the years. He picked up a Cabela's Tournament ZX 100HLSTZX at a discounted rate but turns out it's also left handed and he doesn't use left handed reels. He started at $50 but has marked it down to $45. I ask him how much and he says $40. SOLD!!!

Retails for $69.99 and I pick it up for $40 and no S&H. Not top of the line like the old Curado but not a bad pick up for forty bucks......

7.1:1 gear ratio, 10 bearing, 8.8oz, 10lb drag and 30" line retrieve per rev.

Can't wait to pick up a rod and test it out!!!!
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I'd say you done good. I have a couple of the old Cabelas Prodegy reels and they are still working flawlessly. Congrats
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