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Default New toy, chapter two.

I found a work-around for posting pictures, what a PITA. Anyway, I have replaced the S&W Bodyguard (.380) that I purchased a month or so ago. I did not like the trigger on that gun, too long, didn't like the reset, generally (IMO) not a good trigger, especially if you have big hands or long fingers. So, most know I'm a Ruger fan and I did a "smart thing"- went to a local range where they rent pistols and shot before I bought, really that's important if I had done that with the S&W I would not have brought it home. So here it is - Ruger SR9c, yes it's bigger and in 9mm, but I really like this gun. GREAT trigger and it shoots well.

In the hand for indication of size. Comes with two clips the short (10 rds) shown (with the optional tang on the bottom, also has a flat bottom) and a large (17 rd) clip that turns it, almost, into the SR9.

And finally a comparison to the "bigger brother" P345 Ruger, a mid-size frame .45 ACP.

I really like the grips on these two pistols with the recessed area for the thumb, it feels so good and secure in my hand, anyway. The SR9c is an excellent pistol at a fantastic price - loaded (no pun intended) with safety features: thumb & trigger safety; striker indicator; big & and easy to identify loaded chamber indicator - I think it's great there is no doubt about it with this indicator, some think it's too big but you can't mistake it; it will not fire with the clip removed - again some hate that, I like it; ambidextrous thumb safety and clip release. Did I mention it has a GREAT trigger...

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Glad you found one you're happier with!
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nice i am looking at that also just haven't found one yet that feels good in my big paws yet
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Sweet, that's a waaayyy better handgun than the Bodyguard.
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Looks good.
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Sweet, that's a waaayyy better handgun than the Bodyguard.
ABSOLUTLY, Joe. Like I said, shooting before you buy (if it's possible) is the proof of potential. This isn't really a "pocket gun" but it is small and light enough to easily carry in summer. Dry firing a pistol in the shop isn't anything like firing one at the range. I like Ruger and as I said the SR9c has a terrific trigger, superior (IMO) to higher priced pistols I have fired. I like the P345, but this one might be love...

This is a very nice video - but a bit long @ 25 minutes - that goes over the features of the SR9c and a lot of shooting at various ranges.

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Ive shot the 45 big brother,just a hair to large for me to carry in warm weather being 130 pds.The trigger can be a fitted like thing,fits one not another for say length of travel and or your hand finger size.
I carry a PA 63 horrible long da pull,first shot,yet safe as can be due to that,can carry with safty off,no accident if it goes off as drop safe and a sear block,yet sa not bad at all or a long reset.So while one cant hit a pop can at 100 ft in da can in sa,and its use in da would be in dire need thereof yet adequate at defence ranges.
Even it I downsize as weather gets warmer and warmer,llama 32acp-1911 minature,1914 royal 32 acp,22lr snubie cheap rohm in 100f tshirt n shorts.
Do keep a larger truck boat gun handy if in a vehicle.
Being mostly small caliber for me center mass is overrated,fbi stats have the lowly 22lr as a more 1 shot stopper than a 45 simply because those with a 45 shoot center mass and those with a 22 aim for the head.
I can unload a clip of 32 acp in a pie pan at 50 ft in about 3 sec yet dont think that would stop someone from shooting back prior to those bullets fired,having their effect.Most when shot dont expire immeadiately.
Hope I never have to find out.
It is a nice pistol almost bought the ruger 45
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